As I am currently even more busy with two major projects in my real life that request more and more attention, this month was rich on events like a go-live of our business software in New Zealand, and an on-site Workshop in Milano, but pretty poor on photography. For this reason, I was going back to my archive to find some autumn pictures.

Even though the weather is quite nice at the moment with colorful sunsets and clear views into the mountains, I decided for some reason to address the stereotypes of autumn: a period of mystical fog, disturbing illusions in the loneliness, vague phenomena in the silence.

A path leading into nowhere…

A lonesome stone covered with moss, lichen and grass…

Young trees in the falling fog …

A strange arrangement of trunks and stones …

Strange to wander in the fog!
Every bush and stone stands alone,
no tree can see the next one,
each one is alone.

The world was full of friends
when my life was filled with light;
now that the fog descends,
no one is visible anymore.

Truly there is no wise man
Who does not know the dark
Which quietly and inescapably
Separates him from everything else.

Strange to wander in the fog!
Life is loneliness.
No man knows the other,
each one is alone.

Hermann Hesse, In the Fog, November 1905