For more than 2 years or so, I did not do any model shooting, due to the notorious bug of course, but also since my real life became even more busy than usual with additional projects. Now, between our return from hiking holidays in the nice Engadin region, close to St. Moritz and the annual Ticino Workshop (see my previous post), I had exactly one free day, not eaten up by washing, cleaning, filling the fridge, gardening, packing and travelling. A few weeks earlier, Anna my favorite model, contacted me to mention that she was in Switzerland during exactly that day. Hence, I agreed with her to came to Basel, where she stayed, and do a shooting there. I had an idea to go to the Rhine-Harbor region.

While we were at the harbour, we used one of the cranes and the surrounding industrial area to do two different subjects. The first one is called “Strange encounter with a harbour crane”

“Strange encounter with Banksy” is the second series we created. At the same time when we did this shooting, there was also one of the superb, yet unauthorized “Banksy” exhibitions in Basel. The artist never approves any of such expositions, he also does not take measures to stop them. I hope he is not too upset, when he sees my work quoting some of his most famous graffiti either. So I hope we can enjoy the pictures for a while…

Many thanks to “Anna Abstraction” modeling in her professionally engaged and creative way.

“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.”

Banksy, UK based street artist, political activist, and film director, from Wall and Piece