Clouds pass, forming abstract shapes or reminiscent of animals, heads, faces, plants, figures born in phantasy. Darken or become enlightened, occasionally as if by themselves -since the illuminating sun has already disappeared behind the horizon. The light plays with the clouds and the clouds play with the light. Sometimes they bring rain, sometimes snow, sometimes hail, or cracking furiously loud when lightnings strike. Then they also bring cooling shade, relief from the unbearable summer heat. Sometimes dark towers threaten, sometimes they race across the sky constantly changing, then they stay in one place for a long time, only changing their appearance in slow motion, only the constant, unceasing change is certain. Let your imagination take part in this timeless, eternal game.

Listening cloud above the forest.
How we learned to love it since we know
how wondrously soon
its waking rain crashes against the dreaming harvest.

Rainer Maria Rilke, 18.2.1898, Berlin