Many myths are told about the various landscapes in each part of the world. “Devil’s Gorge” is therefore most likely not a unique name for a gorge deep down in the forest where moisture rules and a small river is rushing down over small cliffs and cascades, that may become devastating in flash floods. Lesser known then it’s famous namesake in the alps on the way to the San Gottardo, this one is in the Jura, in the canton of Solothurn, close to Olten, the “crossroad of Switzerland”, where motorways and train lines meet crossing the country North to South and East to West. The story here goes in a short form like this:

“Once the devil wanted to deliver a poor soul from the village below to the entrance of the hell, somewhere uphill in the Jura mountains. Somehow, he missed the path and got lost in this gorge. It was a hot summer day and the devil found the coolness of the place quite comforting, after the strong uphill walk with the soul. So he jumped into a cool pool and relaxed a bit. Delivering the soul to hell, he finally told his fellow devils of this nice place. So the whole lot went down having a great time, throwing big stones and mossy trunks from trees into the water. The people in the village below the goprge saw the steam and heard the great noise, dead trout arriving in the sulfurized water. They went to the capuchine monastry in Olten and a priest came for help. When he returned from the gorge after 12 hours, his once dark hair was white from horror and a scar like from a fiery claw marked his temple. However, since that day, there were no more devils seen, but the gorge got its name”

(full story in local dialect can be found under this LINK)

Highlights of mid-May late morning mirror in the rivers. Dark shadows contrasting the sunny spots create some photographic challenges, but also giving a special atmosphere where certain plants, rocks an water ponds are nicely separated by the ever changing light conditions.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Writer