This year’s holidays were Italian. Three different locations in three weeks. First a week in Tuscanny – in Scarlino close to Massa Maritima, then – after one week of work – Lago di Garda and – fleeing the weather – one week of Piemonte.

Each place we went has a lot to tell. Lakes and rivers, with visible lack of water speak of the missing rainfalls in this summer.

Soccer is still the most popular sport, despite the missing success of the national team. Each village has soccer fields in the most remarkable places, where the attention is quickly guided towards the beautiful landscape in the background.

Villagers hide their secrets behind closed doors, or allow a clandestine view through the open garage door. The village church has changed its function and now serves as a local wine shop.

The importance of the church seems to be degrading, as traffic crosses the bridge above, the new god of mobility looks arrogantly down on its predecessor…

You may be as old, as learned, as wise and as tasteful as you like –
a trip to Italy always offers your mind new impressions.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, German Philosopher and Physicist, 1742 – 1799