This time, I am not telling any stories, but let the images speak for themselves. While rain, fog, and cloudy skies are not always helpful for hikes (paths get wet, muddy and slippery; you end up with soaked caps, flooded shoes and dirty trousers), it creates much more interesting pictures than a beautifully azure skies and harsh sunlight. Our excursion to the swiss mountain village of Grindelwald (not to be mistaken by the Magician from JK Rowling’s books) was blessed with mostly very nice weather. Only the first days were photographically spectacular. More famous for the Eiger North Face, Jungfraujoch and the views to Aletsch Glacier, we explored the less known Glaciergorge and hiking path between the lower and upper Grindelwald-Glacier, that can no longer be seen today from this path. This was also more adequate for the weather, since during these two days , most of the mountains around were disappearing in clouds.

It is the uncertainty that charms one. A mist makes things wonderful

Oscar Wilde